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(L Type skier)  L type skiers ski slow and in a more upright stance. They prefer skiing runs that are green and easy. Many times they are beginners. These skiers need room for making errors, which usually happens often for this skier type. Ski boots for this type of skier are designed with a more upright stance.

(A Type skier) This skier type is starting to control their skis instead of their skis controlling them. They are also starting to ski more aggressively and usually prefer more challenging or blue runs. This skier requires more control than the L Type skier.

(S Type skier) There are many S type skiers. You have racers, freestylers, free riders, extreme skiers or just great recreational skiers. All these skiers have some things in common. They tend to ski faster, more aggressively and usually prefer the most challenging or black ski trails. They require the most in edge control.

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